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ADAPTER, 10-32 to Pipe Thread
ADAPTER, Close Nipple
ADAPTER, Compression to Garden Hose
ADAPTER, Garden Hose to Garden Hose
ADAPTER, Hose Mender
ADAPTER, Pipe Thread to Pipe Thread
ADAPTER, Pipe to Garden Hose
ADAPTER, Quarter-inch
ADAPTER, Slip to Compression
Clamps and Ties
Close Offs
Dairy Cattle Flood Nozzle
Drip Nozzles
Fogger (Saddle)
Fog Nozzle
Fog Nozzle Line
Pipe Plug
Pressure Regulators
PVC Connectors
Saddle Connectors
Sprayer Nozzles
Tap or Drill Bit
Tubing and Wire



Welcome to the REVISED Greenhill Manufacturing Shopping Cart!

Greenhill Manufacturing, LTD. is a livestock equipment systems company founded in 1984. It specializes in long life extreme value animal cooling systems. Greenhill's products are sold under the tradenames of Digi-Cool, Flushable Filter, and Heatsock. It also provides heating systems for winter animal drinking.
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Greenhill Manufacturing Mission Statement

Greenhill Manufacturing develops intermittent electronic control systems with the capabilities of drip cool, spray cool, and fog / mist cooling. We specialize in economical livestock cooling equipment for profitable farms. Greenhill Mfg. markets its cow cooling, hog cooling, and poultry cooling products under the trade name's of Digi-Cool, Flushable-Filter, and HEATSOCK.

Greenhill has also developed a self-regulating heater, the HEATSOCK. HEATSOCKS provide efficient use of energy due to the direct immersion heating principle and are applied to Hog nipple water heater and under both cow and hog tank type drinkers. They also provide protection against pipe-bursting in the event of power failure.

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G120 1/4" Soft Black Vinyl Tubing 100' Coil
Only: $ 14

G125 30" Length, Tubing
Only: $ 0.98

GHCN8 1/2" Diameter Nylon Pinch Hose Clamp
Only: $ 0.40


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