DG2100S Operating Instructions

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The DG2100S controller will start automatically when plugged in. The factory settings are:

Even if the controller is left unplugged for long periods of time, all settings will be retained. Once in operation, the controller will Smart-Scan, or display its settings every few minutes. It also will show whether the room temperature is higher than the set temperature with a (+) plus symbol in the middle of the display. Valve running or open is shown with a (*) symbol.


If the factory settings of the DG2100S are not to your liking, all of the settings are easy to change. There are two buttons on the face of the controller, marked and .  The  button is used to alter the settings currently in the controller.  The   button is used to enter the menu screens and move to each of the different settings.

1. To begin, press the  button once.  This will cause the screen to display the message, “Temp Scale=oC³oF”, with the cursor blinking on the arrow.  If the valve was open, it will automatically close, until you are done adjusting the controller’s settings.

2. This first menu screen sets whether the controller measures temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius.  The DG2100S controller comes set to Fahrenheit.  If you wish to switch to Celsius,press the  button.  The arrow will flip toward oC”.  When the arrow is pointing to the desired temperature scale, press the button again.

(Please note: If you change the temperature scale, the controller will reset the activation temperatures to zero.  Please be sure to set them in steps 4 and 7.)

3. The controller will display, “.First Stage”. The single dot before the F indicates that you are about to set First Stage settings, that is, the lower of the two activation temperatures and its watering times. Press  to advance to the next screen.

4. .Set Temp=78.0oF” will be on the controller display or whatever other temperature is currently set.  The cursor will be flashing on the tens digit of the temperature.  Press the  button to increase the tens digit of the temperature to whatever new number you require.  Any value within zero to nine will be accepted. Press the  button to advance the cursor to the ones digit of the temperature.

Holding the button down will not advance the setting; you must press once for each increment.

5. The cursor is now at the ones digit of the first set temperature.  Again, press the  button to change the ones digit to any number, zero to nine.    When the correct ones digit is in place, press the  button to advance the cursor to the tenths place of the temperature.

(If you accidentally enter the wrong number at any point, it is OK to press the button through all of the remaining menus and start again to correct the error.)

6. The cursor is now at the tenths place of the temperature.  Again, press the  button to adjust the tenths digit to whatever number is desired.  When the correct number is in place, press the button to advance to the next screen.

7. The controller will display, .On Time=01:00".  (Or whatever the On Time is currently set to.)  This indicates that when the temperature is above the first temperature, and below the second temperature, the valve will open for one minute and zero seconds.  This time can be changed to anything from zero minutes and one second, (00:01), to ninety-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds, (99:59).  Each digit is adjusted with the  button.  When the digit is correct, advance to the next with the  button.

8. Once the On Time is set, the controller will display, .Off Time=09:00".  This indicates that when the temperature is above the first set temperature, & below the second set temperature, the controller will keep the valve closed for 9 minutes between On Times.  This value, like the On Times, can be set to anything between 00:01 and 99:59 and is set the same way.

9. After the First Stage Off Time is entered, the controller will display, “:Second Stage”.  The two dots in front of the “S” are to remind you that you are now entering Second Stage settings.  Whenever the temperature is higher than the Second Stage temperature, the controller will ignore the First Stage times, and run the valve with the Second Stage times.  Entering the Second Stage Temperature, On Time and Off Time is identical to the First Stage settings in steps 3 - 8. (Remember: the Second Stage Temperature must be higher than the First Stage temperature.  The controller will not allow you to leave that screen until you have entered a temperature higher than or equal to the first.) After entering the last digit of the Second Stage Off Time, the controller will pause momentarily to store your settings in permanent memory, and will then resume operation with the new settings.

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